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Bulleen Park Driveway Flooding

Saturday 5th February 2011

Melbourne Water Yarra River level at Heidelberg.

Bulleen Park driveway as a rough guide, if >7.2m road starting to flood, >8.0m road flooded into Bulleen Park

DAC Field as a rough guide, 8.5m pits area starting to flood         

Yarra River level  table for 5th Feb 2011 when driveway flooded.

(Click on photos for enlargement - 800x600)

While flying the river snuck up on us

4:30pm - Yarra River at Heidelberg 8.0m

Time to get out

The essentials for flying

Waiting for the rest to come out

getting deeper....

6:00pm - Yarra River at Heidelberg 8.2m

Six cars could not get out (left behind)

Time now to exit park.

Bulleen Rd closed south bound.



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