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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fri,  30 December 2011 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Bill O flew his Yak superb Inverted spins

Colin K flew his canard very well

Bill O`s Elactric Extra. Mighty fine model

Richard with the Beast

Richard `s little Beast

Big and small what a hobby

Piggy back

Cliff`s new Knife lop all wood

Does the tightest loops ever


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fri,  16 December 2011 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Collection of models flying at DAC Friday afternoon



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fri,  25 November 2011 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Scale day on Fridays

Relaxing on a Friday

At any angle they look good

Tilt the camera also good shots

Graham K Test flew his new ...

... Sebach 10 s Powered

Nice colour scheme


Multiplex`s new little rocket



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fri,  4 November 2011 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Stan N flew his little electric model

Happy little group in the shade

Cliff`s Angel hard to beat all rounder

Bill o`s new sukoi

Hacker 60 power

Attractive model and colour

Darrin T`s Python flies well

Simon with his babies

Darrin T loves his Yak

Yak 3d now a nice sport model

Darrin thrilled to get his Gold Wings

Darrin T receiving his gold wings


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wed,  31 August 2011 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Our resident artist Stan N with his mural

Con Relaxing with coffee

Neat couple of Small electric models

Stan is very happy with more wash out in the wings of the RV9

Neatly built control line trainer



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wed,  24 August 2011 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Retires day on Wednesday at the field

Is that brick safe?


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wed,  1 June 2011 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Stan preparing to fly

Great day for scale models

Stan`s models being guarded

Bill enjoying the fabulous weather

Bill O`s Stable

Mark B loves his sport model

Nic`s Mad Dog

Dave N is back and still flying very well

David N cleaning up

Jaws of life

Control line ARF well made

Control Line autogyro fly`s very well

Very popular at DAC



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tue, 31 May 2011 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Allan M with a couple of little electrics



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fri, 18 March 2011 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Bill O`s new Extra 300

E Flite 30 size

Very well made

Angels always popular



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wed, 2 March 2011 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sam looking very proud

Calmato 60 to 90 size Sport model.

OS 95ax engine fitted well

Stan`s RV9

very attractive model

Stan test flew his new RV9 today

Stan`s SE5A

Sam loves flying his speedy Jet

The speed demon

Cliff still trimming his new racer



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wed, 16 February 2011 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Richard F had some fun

Darrin trimmed out his Fun Fly

Darrin T`s over powered model

Great Engineering these day's on Heli's

Cliff M with his new Red Bull Racer

Is that a change of sponsor

The Red Bull Racer

David n test flying his new Stunter

Control line Trainer

Classic All Australian Stunter

David N`s Vintage Stunter

60 year old 2 Stroke motor

Dave's new own design Stunter

very pretty new model

A nice Classic old Stunt Design


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fri, 21 January 2011 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Cliff`s great little Ultimate

Small with loads of power

Blue Shark


Bill O`s Sukoi Wind does not effect the handling at all


Bill with the sharks

Interesting couple of models


This is what was flying today




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