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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wed, 30 Dec 2009 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dennis T just landed

Eight new soft seats Thanks Ian P

A regular Wednesday flyer

CL boys in the shade

Very neat control line stunters

getting ready to go round and round

It will never fly

3 line control



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wed, 18 Nov 2009 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The retired at work

Range of control line flown on Wednesday

Just can't keep Cliff away


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wed, 27 Oct 2009 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Chuckies by the box

Vintage stunter

Nice little control line trainer

cleaning up at the end of the day

Free flight tiger moth

Cliff`s pitts is flying again


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wed, 17 July 2009 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Stan N - Scratch built foam SE5


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wed, 1 July 2009 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The new outdoor shelters

in the pits area

and also at the control line area


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wed, 3 June 2009 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sam practiced again to fly even better

SE5A OS65la powered flew very well

Cliff flew Rons PT24 with OS52 fs built from Ian Carter`s Plans

One of Cliff`s favorites

Fairchild PT24 &SE5 together



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wed, 6 May 2009 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sopwith Pup from the front

Such detail

Fly`s gracefully


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wed, 25 Feb 2009 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Bruce teaching his 6 year old niece

round and round you go

teach them when there young

practice and practice

Bruce`s Thirty year old tool box

ARF Pitts

F3A model ready for heading home

David L`s wing in its wing bag



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wed, 18 Feb 2009 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Stan N with his Pup

The Sopwith fly`s very gracefully

Cliff`s Red Pitts flew well

Stan flying his Sopwith pup

Biplane's are popular on Wednesday's

John W`s fast Jet

John flew his Heli

Control line group sat in the hot sun

Some control line models

fair variety of models



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