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28-Aug-10, Sat Electric (2:10s, 18.7M)

Michael B - TRex600 Hughes/MD 500E




28-Aug-10, Sat Electric (2:10s, 18.7M)

Michael B - TRex600 Hughes/MD 500E

18-Apr-09, Sat Electric (GIF, 3.1M)

Time Lapse Photos - 2min interval, 3-5pm

Camera located on tripod 10m east of club rooms

18-Apr-09, Sat Electric (GIF, 3.8M)

Time Lapse Photos - 4min interval, 1-6pm


18-Apr-09, Sat Electric (GIF, 2.0M)

Time Lapse Photos - 10min interval, 11-6pm

28-Mar-09, Sat Electric (38s, 5.4M)

Ian C - Bi-Fli using Pulse proportional controls

21-Mar-09, Sat Electric (37s, 5.2M)

Colin K - F22 Raptor with vector thrust  Depron aircraft link

14-Mar-09, Sat Electric (10s, 1.4M)

Shane O - 1909 Wright Military Flyer maiden flight. 

25-Oct-08, Sat Electric (44s, 6.3M)

Michael B - TRex450 night time flying

16-Aug-08, Sat Electric (58s, 8.3M)

Michael B - Gaui Hurricane 550

26-April-08, Sat Electric (36s, 5.1M)

Hand launching of the Fox 

20-Apr-08, Sun IC (33s, 4.8M)

David L - Pitts 11

19-Apr-08, Sat Electric (8s, 1.2M)

Ian C - F86 North American Sabre

19-Apr-08, Sat Electric (15s, 2.2M)

Ian P - Pie-in-the-Sky

19-Apr-08, Sat Electric (6s, 0.9M)

Ian C - F18 Hornet

19-Apr-08, Sat Electric (23s, 3.3M)

Colin K - T-Rex 450, EC-135 Fuselage

19-Apr-08, Sat Electric (86s, 12.3M)

Michael B - Aerial shots from eDVR mounted on Komet 163c

15-Mar-08, Sat Electric (26s, 3.7M)

Ian P & Douglas R - Fomet project

1-Mar-08, Sat Electric (17s, 2.5M)

James T - Komet 163C

1-Mar-08, Sat Electric (19s, 2.7M)

Grant C & Martin L - Aerial tow

26-Jan-08, Sat Electric (6s, 0.9M)

Ian P - Seagull

1-Dec-07, Sat Electric (7s, 1.0M)

Colin K - ME163 launch

14-Oct-07, Sat Electric (10s, 1.4M)

James T - Limbo with Komet 163C

27-Sept-07, Sat Electric (46s, 6.5M)

John W - Hurricane Electric Helicopter

27-Sept-07, Sat Electric (92s, 13.3M)

John W - Come for a ride in John's Hurricane Helicopter

22-Sept-07, Sat Electric (95s, 13.7M)

Michael B - Magpie Season, eDVR mounted on OldTimer

22-Sept-07, Sat Electric (93s, 13.4M)

Michael B - Arial using eDVR mounted on Glider

22-Sept-07, Sat Electric (117s, 16.7M)

Michael B - Magpie Season, eDVR mounted on Glider

21-Jul-07, Sat Electric (30s, 4.2M)

Michael B - Tigermoth

18-Feb-07, Sat Electric (20s, 2.9M)

Ian P - Superman

26-Jan-09, Sat Electric (33s, 4.7M)

Michael B - Gaui Hurricane 550


Movie Clip courtesy of Michael B

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