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Vice President’s AGM Report (AGM, Jul 2023)


Dear members,

I am pleased to present the President/Vice-President Report for the past year.

Our club nights have resumed, and we have had the pleasure of hosting combined DAC/GMAC club nights. Additionally, we organized great events such as "Petrol heads and their models" at DAC, "Warbirds Day" at GMAC, "Nostalgia Day" at DAC, and a "Funfly and Gourmet BBQ Day." We also had more BBQs on general flying days and weekdays, ensuring our members had enjoyable experiences. Our fridge has been stocked with soft drinks and chocolates for everyone's indulgence.

The combined club events, open to all clubs, have proven to be enriching for all members involved. We have made new friends and enjoyed sharing experiences with each other. To me, the sense of community and camaraderie has been wonderful.

Thank you to Greg Stanfield for leading the DAC/GMAC club nights and events, Walter for the fun fly and BBQ, Peter Hurst for the fridge stocking initiative and Dave Singles for the Saturday sausage sizzles. Thank you to the mowing team for looking after the field.

Thank you to the many members who individually contribute to making the club successful. Be assured there is a committed team in the committee to give you the help and resources you need to get it done.

We have also focused on improving our facilities. A drill stand vice, used to aid the holding of connectors for soldering has been purchased, soldering iron repaired. A reverse cycle air conditioning unit should be installed soon in the clubhouse.

Our dialogue with the Manningham Council continues, and they have performed levelling and frazing of our main strip. While there were concerns that sand was used, the strip is now looking excellent. DAC volunteers also dethatched the main strip.

We still have plans to replace the old perimeter fencing and implement improvements such as external charging facilities, expanding our shelter, and setting up permanent outside model tables. Melbourne Water is still being very strict on new constructions at Bulleen Park, however we remain hopeful that these restrictions will ease as the NE Link project progresses.

We have been emailing monthly bulletins to members to keep them up to date about events and what is happening at the club. There is a suggestions tab in the members area of the website for suggestions/ feedback.

One Sunday a few months back the council organised a photographer to take photos of several members, including juniors, for hoardings along Bulleen Rd. These hoardings will promote the activities within the park, and we will receive copies of the photos for our own promotional use.

We are very proud of Lambi, who achieved his Gold wings as a junior. Peter Hurst wrote an article about this accomplishment, which was published in ‘Manningham Matters’ and featured on the front page in the VMAA (Victorian Model Aeronautical Association) newsletter.

None of these achievements would have been possible without the collective effort of our members. Field maintenance, clubhouse upkeep, stocking supplies, assisting with technical needs and flight training, and helping fellow members are all essential contributions that many of you have made. Your dedication and support are truly commendable.

Looking ahead, we have exciting prospects to engage with external groups such as scouts, schools, and community organizations. Collaborating with the Australian Air League – Doncaster Squadron, offers opportunities to increase awareness of model aviation and showcase DAC as a premium club. As the warmer months approach, we should prepare with additional volunteers to assist with general training and help members progress beyond bronze wings.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the members who have volunteered their time to keep the club running smoothly. I would also like to thank the committee, including Walter (Treasurer), Victor (retiring Secretary), and Michael (Assistant Secretary), for their tireless efforts behind the scenes. Adriel Sargent, Dave Tremewen, Dave Singles, Egon Fice ,Gary Scott, Juris Briedis, and Tim Jackson for their valuable input, words of wisdom and contributions to the club. To all regular members who have made small but significant contributions, such as tidying up the clubroom, cleaning the kitchen, or lending a supportive ear, your actions have greatly enhanced our DAC experience.

Look forward to seeing you all at the field for some enjoyable flying! Remember to have fun, be nice, consider others, and fly safe.

Kind regards,
Alex Zattelman


President’s AGM Report (AGM, Jul 2022)


It has been a challenging year for DAC with a number of COVID lockdowns limited access to the clubhouse/field and finally resumption of flying with vaccination and mask mandates after 30 Oct 2021.

Finally on 30th April we were able to have a belated Kick off party BBQ observing current COVID rules and finally feeling a sense of normality is coming back.

A very positive meeting with MCC was held with some of the committee to discuss field maintenance (Including more regular dethatching and levelling), replacement of the fencing and ideas we have for improvements to the club facilities such as expanding our shelter and permanent outside model setup tables.

Looking forward, COVID restrictions permitting, we trust that through the efforts and coordination of members, activities will resume.

These include:-

  • regular face to face (and/or online) club nights,

  • Competitions, workshops to learn and improve skills

  • Activities with external groups such as the scouts, schools and community groups to increase awareness of model aviation and exposure of DAC as a premium club.

  • More BBQ’s on general flying days

  • More volunteers to assist with general training

  • More volunteers for training members beyond bronze wings

All big thank you to all the members that volunteer their time in helping to run the club.

  • Juris, our retiring president for exemplary leadership and wisdom since 2017, Walter our secretary for managing our finances, Victor for the most difficult and time intensive role as Secretary , Michael as assistant secretary for incredibly efficient work as membership registrar, website development, implementation of technology innovation and training.

  • The mowing team who spend hours on the mower keeping our strip mowed

  • Everyone who helped with welcoming and training new members to the club. Trainees are the life blood of any club. They are people with different abilities and stages of their lives with varied life experiences and learning styles. They are the club leaders of the future.

  • Greg, I am sure you would have been organizing lots of club nights if it was possible.

  • Thank you to John, Tim and Tim, Dave, Indy, Grant, Egon for all your time and wise input and contributions to the club.

  • Thank you to all the regular members who contributed, for even the small things like sweeping the clubroom or tidying up the kitchen, or putting away the windsock at the end of the day. Even lending a sympathetic ear to a fellow member who might be feeling a bit down or someone who needs a bit of encouragement. These things all make a huge difference to how we all enjoy DAC.

Please remember that we are all volunteers!!


I wish to conclude by stating a simple and wise message from past presidents Ian Pullar and Richard Fraser. When things appear to be too serious it is good to remember and practice the following:-


It’s a Hobby
Be Nice
Have Fun
Fly Often
Fly Safe


Kind Regards
Alex Zattelman and Juris Briedis.

Vice President & President 2021/2022


President’s AGM Report (AGM, Sep 2021 - Delayed due to COVID restrictions)


The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions imposed on us all, continues to disrupt our lives, and also our enjoyment of our sport/club. Inability to meet at the club lead us to look for a larger venue so that at least we could hold the AGM face-to-face with members. Sadly, a new (extended) lockdown forced us to delay it again, and then again!! Freedom to meet as a group face-to-face being some way off and, in the interests of holding the meeting this year, the committee decided to repeat the procedure from 2020, and so the presentation of reports and voting is taking place electronically.

Many of you will have noticed the NorthEast Link works are now underway along Bulleen and Greensborough Roads, and fortunately this has little impact on us at present, apart from some minor delays in getting in and out of Bulleen Park. The fact that we now have certainty about the future of the club is fantastic!!

Although we have had reduced activity during lockdowns/restrictions/etc., the maintenance of the field and clubhouse is ongoing. We are fortunate to have a number of committee/club members that put in so much work “behind the scenes” to make our facilities and club as great as they are. In April, Walter Muller and John Scott did a superb job of dethatching the field, and Tim Jackson and helpers gave the clubhouse a thorough cleanup. Michael Best continues his tireless work for the club and this year has made improvements to the website, installed a weather station at the field, and continued his amazing dedication to training (along with Alex Zattelman). Their innovative work with Brendan is inspirational!

The efficiency/smooth running of the club depends on strong administrative skills, and this is where we need to acknowledge the efforts of Victor Lai (club secretary), Alex Zattelman (vice-president & COVID Safe officer), Walter Muller (treasurer), Michael Best (assistant secretary/webmaster), and all the committee members (with special mentions from me going to Egon Fice and Tim Jackson).

As a committee, we continue to pursue the goals outlined in previous years viz.
- Maintaining a stable or increasing membership base. Despite the lockdowns and restricted flying/clubhouse access/etc., our member numbers remain healthy.
- Promoting members’ continuing interest in aeromodelling and engagement with the club.
- Enhancing safety of our sport/club by incident monitoring and review, risk management, and updating of our Safety Rules & Operating Guidelines accordingly.

I’m sure the new committee will do their utmost to maintain and enhance our member’s experience as the club (and the world in general) returns to some semblance of “normality”.

In conclusion, I hope the coming year brings everyone a wonderful year of flying, enjoyment of aeromodelling in association with your fellow club members, and a safe and friendly environment in which to participate.
Thank you all for your support.

Juris Briedis
President 2020/2021



President’s AGM Report (AGM, Nov 2020 - Delayed due to COVID restrictions)


The past 12 months have been a truly unprecedented and challenging time for us all. The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions imposed on us all, resulted in closure of the clubhouse and flying activity for several months. Inability to meet at the club lead us to defer the AGM for as long as possible, with November being the deadline. Despite the delay, we still couldn’t conduct the AGM in the usual manner, so the presentation of reports and voting is taking place electronically. Even when we can resume activity there are bound to be many restrictions and changes to the way the club operates. Significant challenges lay ahead for the new committee to ensure compliance with the government/health department regulations relating to sporting clubs & activities.

Over the last year, there was continued engagement & communication with the Manningham council and the NorthEast Link authority, which culminated in the announcement in July 2020 that agreements had been reached between the council and the authority. The outcome was that DAC and Yarra Bowmen would not be relocated, and that Freeway golf would remain as an 18-hole course. That was great news for DAC, finally giving the committee and all the members some certainty about the future of the club!!

I would like to acknowledge the ongoing efforts of some of our most active and productive club members, who continued to serve the interests of the membership throughout the year.

Michael Best - for his tireless work as assistant secretary/instructor/innovator/etc., and this year for upgrading the outside webcams which now give us fantastic images, and also hosting the weekly Zoom meetings to keep many of the members in touch during COVID lockdown.

Dan Davies – whilst Michael ran the Zoom meeting background, Dan coordinated the topics, arranged speakers, and presented many interesting topics himself.

Victor Lai – continued doing an awesome job as club secretary, as well as being a regular presenter at the Zoom meetings.

Alex Zattelman – as always, provided calm, level-headed, and wise support to me and the committee.

Walter Muller – trusty treasurer, but also trainer, field maintenance guy, etc. During the lockdown Walter liaised with council and various contractors to ensure our field would be in the best condition possible when we reopened. The networked smoke detectors in the clubhouse (following the fire on the charging bench) are his handiwork. He also (after much frustration) managed to sort out our banking issues, and as a result we have moved our account to Westpac. Please ensure any future payments go to the new account (see DAC website for details).

Egon Fice – as a new committee member he immediately engaged in club matters, and was instrumental in our submissions and discussions with council and NorthEast Link. His diligence and dedication to the club is exemplary, and his contribution invaluable.

All the instructors and authorized trainers (AT’s) who regularly gave up their time to support our trainees. Sadly, the lockdown prevented training for much of 2020, but I’m sure everyone will be straight back out on the pilot line training as soon as we resume activity at the club.

As a committee, we continued to pursue the goals outlined in previous years viz.
- Maintaining a stable or increasing membership base. Despite the lockdown and restricted flying, our member numbers are virtually unchanged.
- Fostering and promoting members’ continuing interest in aeromodelling and engagement with the club. The Zoom meetings have been invaluable in this endeavor.
- Promoting members participation in activities at DAC including non-flying/social membership

Reflecting on these goals, and bearing in mind the hardships many have endured throughout the pandemic, I’m proud of what we’ve achieved through the year, and am optimistic that we will soon be able to meet and fly again at the club. I’m sure the new committee will do their utmost to reinvigorate and enhance our member’s experience when the club returns to “normality”.
To each and every member of the committee, thank-you for your dedication and support throughout the year, particularly Britt Farrance who has decided not to renominate for personal reasons.

In conclusion, I hope the coming year brings you a wonderful year of flying, enjoyment of aeromodelling in association with your fellow club members, and a safe and friendly environment in which to participate.
Thank you all for your support.

Juris Briedis
President 2019/2020


President’s AGM Report (AGM, July 2019)


The last 12 months have been a challenging time for a number of reasons. We had a break-in in February, which resulted in significant damage to the clubhouse, and theft of a number of pieces of equipment, most notably our defibrillator (AED). Fortunately, we have recently received a state government grant to pay for replacement of the AED. The damage to the clubhouse was expertly repaired by a number of club members, at the same time making the clubhouse more secure with additional lighting and cameras.

The North East link issue has occupied a lot of committee time and effort. There have been many meetings with Manningham council, North East link authority, and other sporting organisations to try to come up with a plan that is acceptable to all parties. As part of the consultation & feedback from community groups and clubs, we prepared a submission in response to the Environmental Effects Statement (ESS) for consideration by the advisory panel. Egon Fice, with his legal background, was instrumental in researching and writing our submission, supported by a number of committee members. The consultation process will continue for 2 months with public hearings, etc. We hope to hear the outcome, and know what the future of our club is, by the end of the year. As you may be aware, the committee has been engaging & communicating with the Manningham councilors & mayor (whom you may have met at our very well attended/successful Christmas function in December), who strongly support our continued activity in Bulleen Park.

I would like to again acknowledge the ongoing efforts of some of the most active club members:
Michael Best - for his tireless work as registrar/webmaster/instructor/innovator/etc.His continued work with Brendan, a quadriplegic, is a truly inspiring undertaking that is paving the future for people with disabilities participating in our hobby.
Victor Lai – has done an awesome job as secretary!!
Alex Zattelman and Cliff McIver - who give up their time on a weekly basis to support our trainees, as well as those Authorised Trainers (AT’s) who do training on a more ad-hoc basis.
Walter Muller – trusty treasurer, but also trainer, field maintenance guy, etc.
Greg Stanfield – as well as running the mowing roster, Greg has taken on the job of organizing club nights (and future workshops), which have proven to be very popular with his chosen themes and speakers. He has also organized two very successful scout days along with Richard Fleming.

As a committee, we continued the goals outlined in previous years viz.
- Maintaining a stable or increasing membership base
- Fostering and promoting members’ continuing interest in aeromodelling and engagement with the club
- Promoting members participation in activities at DAC including non-flying/social membership

Reflecting on these goals, I’m pleased with what we’ve achieved through the year, and I’m confident the year coming will continue to improve our member’s experience. To each and every member of the committee, thank-you for your commitment and support throughout the year, particularly those who have decided not to renominate for a variety of reasons.

DAC is a long-established, strong, and cohesive club, but we continue to face uncertainty from the North East link/Bulleen Park redevelopment project. We have been very active and fully-engaged in the process so far, and need to continue to fight “tooth and nail” to remain in our current location. I’m hopeful the membership will elect/endorse a committee with the necessary skills and commitment for the coming year.

The clubhouse, social events, fundraising, community engagement, and most importantly friendship and camaraderie, are better than ever at DAC.

In conclusion, I hope the coming year brings you a wonderful year of flying, enjoyment of aeromodelling in association with your fellow club members, and a safe and friendly environment in which to participate.
Thank you all for your support.

Juris Briedis
President 2018/2019


President’s AGM Report (AGM, July 2018)


Since frequently standing in for, and then taking over from, our previous president Richard Fraser in 2017, it has been a challenging time for a number of reasons. There have been some difficult issues the committee has faced, and new hurdles thrown up by Manningham council and the North East link authority. Several committee members have taken on
various important aspects of club affairs such as a risk analysis & management strategy, and I would like to thank them for their efforts, especially Dan Davies who has championed much of this new undertaking. We should all acknowledge the ongoing efforts of some of the stalwarts of the club:

Firstly, Michael Best for his tireless efforts as registrar/webmaster/instructor/line-marker/maintenance guy/innovator/etc. Without him, this club would really struggle from an organisational viewpoint. More recently, he has been instrumental and innovative in working with Brendan, a quadriplegic who wants to rekindle his interest in aeromodelling despite his disability – this is a truly inspiring undertaking that may well pave the future for people with disabilities to participate in our hobby.

Next, Alex Zattelman and Cliff McIver who give up their time on a weekly basis to support our trainees, as well as those who do training on a more ad-hoc basis. We plan to extend the role of Authorised Trainers (AT’s) to ease the burden on our instructors by taking on some of the post-basic supervision of trainees as they get closer to achieving their bronze/silver solo ratings.

As a committee, we have attempted to continue the goals outlined in previous years viz.
- A stable or increasing membership base
- Current members continuing interest in aeromodelling and engagement with the club

- Increasing membership participation in activities at DAC including non-flying/social membership

Reflecting on these goals, I’m pleased with what we’ve achieved through the year, and I’m confident the year coming will continue to improve our member’s experience.

To each and every member of the committee, thank-you for your commitment and input throughout the year, particularly those who are not renominating for a variety of reasons. Dan, your wisdom and “Captain Sensible” attitude will be missed in the secretary role, but I’m delighted you have agreed to renominate as an ordinary committee member.

DAC is a long-established, strong, and developing club, but we are facing a very challenging period ahead in the face of the North East link/Bulleen Park redevelopment project. We may well have to become more vocal and pro-active in order to “stake our claim” in the regional redevelopment.

In the meantime, the field is in better condition than it has been in a long time and we’ll continue to work on improving it. The clubhouse, our social events, fundraising and club merchandise are stronger than ever. The new initiatives are exciting prospects for the future of DAC.

If nothing else, I hope the coming year brings you a wonderful year of flying, an enjoyment of aeromodelling in association with your fellow club members, and a safe and friendly environment in which to participate.


Juris Briedis
President 2017/2018


President’s AGM Report (AGM, July 2017)


It may very well be the case I will go down in the annuls of DAC as the first President to be elected, and to stand down, in absentia. Despite my workload outside of DAC increasing exponentially, the committee members have all taken on responsibility for various aspects of club affairs and we’ve been able to progress towards a better, more inclusive club.

At the beginning of the year, I presented to the committee my goals against which I’d like the clubs success measured.

They were

   -  a stable or increasing membership base
   -  current members continuing interest in aeromodelling
   -  increasing membership participation in aeromodelling at DAC

Considering these markers, I satisfied with what we’ve achieved through the year, and I’m confident the year coming will continue to improve our members experience.

It goes without saying, the fill and level work done on the area of our main strip has been a pre-occupying project, and the relentless efforts in communicating with council of our Secretary Grant must not go unmentioned. Grant’s work with council has revealed a need for the club to progress in our management strategies, a modern and progressive approach to which has been adopted and is progressing under Dan’s leadership.

The Club Rules and Safety Guidelines adopted at the AGM last year have served us well, and it is with some relief I can say they continue into their second year unamended.

Mark and Cliff continue setting up Special Interest Workshops, so far covering ‘Gold Wings Preparation’ and ‘Going Glo’ as a means to engaging members into furthering their skillsets and I must thank them for the efforts they’ve put into this initiative.

Training loads have continued to grow – and stands as one of our biggest challenges into the new year. The more members we gain, the more training that needs to be done a limited number of people. Alex and Mark, our Training Reps on committee, have done a wonderful job proposing and promoting solutions, and we continue to ask those willing and able to participate in the welcoming and training of newcomers to make yourself known particularly over the weekends. And, weekend after weekend, massive effort is put in by Michael and Alex to train and promote DAC to new and prospective members. Cliff likewise dedicates at least one weekday per week to training pre-bronze wings members. The trainers are anchor of the club’s objectives- it is the most valuable contribution you could make so please step up if you’re interested in assisting.

To each and every member of the committee, thank-you for your commitment, your input and efforts through the year. Grant, your wisdom and humour will be missed and I thank-you particularly for the time you’ve dedicated. Thanks also go to Adrian and Alex for the time and effort you’ve put into progressing the club, and to the newcomers, welcome and thank-you for volunteering your time.

DAC is a strong and vibrant club. Always there’s work to do, and we’ve worked towards identifying and prioritising those needs.

In the meantime, the field is in better condition than it has been in a long time and we’ll continue to work on improving it, the clubhouse likewise, and our social events, fundraising and club merchandise are stronger than ever.

If nothing else, I hope the coming year brings you a wonderful year of flying, an enjoyment of aeromodelling in whatever shape or form pleases you, and a safe and friendly environment in which to partake.

Kind Regards,

Richard Fraser


President’s AGM Report (July 2016)


It was with great sadness barely a week after our last club night that we witnessed the passing of Ian Pullar, Club President, on the 23rd May.


DAC was well represented at his ‘Celebration of Life’ held in Richmond, and as seemed only right, a fitting tribute was held on the 9th July here at the field.

Ian’s contribution to the club is best summed up by his desire for us all to Be Safe, Fly Safe and Fly Well. Our ‘Day at the Field for Ian’ witnessed the effect that mantra has had on us all – our strip is about as long as it used to be wide, the trees are that much closer to the approaches and our pits closer than ever to the flight line and yet we demonstrated an ability to adapt and fly better than ever, not to mention having a load of fun in the process, and raising a load of loot for the Royal Flying Doctors Service in the process.

Twelve months ago, Ian presented his presidents report and expressed a wish that by being more open and giving the membership the opportunity to be heard we will be in a far better position to move forward. He listed good communication, smooth administration and the opportunity to be heard as his goals. He also made a list of what he figured our members wanted:

1. A place to fly;
2. It been in reasonable condition to be able to take off and land;
3. Good people around;
4. At the same time, a safe environment; and
5. The probability of continuance of the above.

In short, Ian wrote “All you really need is a decent paddock, and some decent people!”


In the 3 years I’ve spent as Vice President, I’ve witnessed Ian develop a momentum towards a more inclusive, more social and above all a safety and skills orientated club. The beauty of momentum is once it’s developed it only takes small inputs to have it continue on it’s merry way.

DAC is, and will continue to be, a place where aeromodellers of all genres can gather and celebrate a love of aeromodelling. We have a facility that is truly enviable, and a tenure on it we must preserve.

It is with this in mind, we’ve taken the time over the last twelve months to comprehensively re-write the Club Safety Rules and Operating Guidelines to give our membership greater freedom to operate a diverse range of equipment whilst keeping their own safety and the safety of others at the forefront at all times.

Our committee shares these goals, and their commitment to a safe and inclusive club is reflected right through the membership. It is a great relief to welcome them all back this year. To all of the committee, thank you for your time and dedication to the club, and for the support I’ve received in filling Ian’s shoes.

I need only conclude by repeating Ian’s words from last year.

“THANKYOU for all who have contributed, off committee, and all who have contributed just by flying safely and being friendly, patient and helpful and good company to me and each other. I will conclude by saying exactly what I did in my last Presidents Message, which is simply, and succinctly:

It’s a Hobby

Be Nice
Have Fun
Fly Often
Fly Safe”

Kind Regards,
Richard Fraser


President’s AGM Report (July 2012)


We really are fortunate to have this little plot of land available to use here and to have a really good bunch of members to fly with.

A year ago we agreed to having a bigger committee, which helped share the responsibilities of running the club. It allowed a wide variety of opinions and suggestions to be considered and made it easier for members to bring their ideas and views to the committee, and for the committee to feedback to the members. Its been proposed that this continue.

A lot of work had been done reviewing the rules, much of which was to document the agreed arrangements we already had in place at the club. The revised rules were distributed with your Renewal / AGM notifications along with an invitation for you to comment. Feedback received is being taken on board and the review will continue in coming months. Thanks to all who have been involved in the review process.

The facilities are in good nick, we seem to have just about everything we need. The grass has been growing like crazy and we have recently had the strip and circle again de-thatched. The importance of having a good surface is acknowledged and we will be arranging this de-thatching to occur regularly – 3 to 4 times a year.

The team on the mowing roster has expanded and everyone on it has been extremely reliable – many thanks. It takes about 90 minutes to complete the task, a bit longer if you add cleaning up afterwards, and any extras such as mowing around the tables. However we each only do it some 4 times a year and there are a couple on the crew who fill in if someone is unavailable. We will be looking into the possibility of replacing the mower soon to avoid the cost and inconvenience of breakdowns.

We are at the beginning of trialling a second control-line circle to accommodate the needs of this enthusiastic crew. As always, safety is paramount and the trial includes appropriate signage and marking, and the need to communicate with other fliers before its use.

There are four key items required to safe, workable and enjoyable sharing of the limited space on the ground, in the air, and of the available time. They are:
1. Giving each other a fair go.
2. Appropriately communicating a request for your go.
3. Making sure the others around are fully aware of what you are about to do; and
4. Making sure the simultaneous activity is not compromising safely.

In short, commonsense, communication, courtesy and cooperation are required

When it comes to being heard on the pilot line, I say to my trainees, “If you’re not embarrassed then you haven’t called loudly enough.”

On the subject of trainees, we have had a lot of new member enquiries of late and a lot of trainees currently on the books. We are at a stage where we can’t really take any more on a Saturday at the moment.

I thank the membership as a whole for their contributions and friendship over the past year. There are three groups who I would particularly like to thank for the success of the club and for setting us up for future years.

Firstly the Committee Members, who bring their thoughts, concerns, opinions and solutions to committee meetings and have been a conduit for communications from and to members. Bill Osborne has chosen to stand down from the Committee and I thank him for his valuable contributions. We welcome Adrian Koro onto the Committee.

Secondly, people who have taken on key roles and responsibilities, of which there are a number. At this time of the year I am particularly aware of Michael and Douglas who are currently processing the membership renewals. Michael’s considerable work on the website continues to add to our enjoyment of the club and convenience and value for new and prospective members.

Thirdly, I would like to thank our new members, who have recognised the assistance given to them by existing members, and have repaid that by picking up tasks and giving back to the club.

To everyone, please keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to a good year of flying.

With thanks – Ian Pullar – President.


President's Message at the AGM (July 2011)


Much of the reason we exist as a group is to provide guardianship for this great little plot of land here a Bulleen Park, to enable us to fly from it, with the added benefits of the sharing of knowledge with each other and the camaraderie that comes from all that.

To retain our right to use the land, we need to ensure we get on with our landlord and neighbours, by not putting them or their property, or any member of the public at risk. Of course we also ensure the safety of ourselves.

Achieving all this requires plenty of common sense, taking responsibility for our actions and sometimes calling each other to account – and reacting appropriately when others call us to account.

With good sense, perseverance, listening, sometimes robust discussions and a shared vision, we have achieved lots. We have not just had another good year of flying, we have really set ourselves well for an excellent future.

We now have an excellent set of rules and flying disciplines and an extremely strong commitment to, and culture of, safe flying and model handling practices.

We are the Doncaster AEROMODELLING Club, consisting of members who have a RANGE of aeromodelling interests. These include: control line, chuckies, and radio control internal combustion and electric, and scratch-built and ARF: scale, pattern, sports, high performance, gliders, old-timers, trainer planes, 3D and helis. Each and every model type is important and there are a number of individuals who fly two or more different types of them.

Not seen by many of you who only fly Saturdays is the enthusiasm of the Control Line group, who always welcome visitors from “the other side”.

Fernando and his fellow Pattern flyers recently arranged a pattern flying event which was well organised but was treated harshly by the weather.

Your Committee is committed to supporting all facets of our aeromodelling community.

Because of space constraints, when times are busy a greater priority may be given to fixed wing aircraft, but at the same time we are finding workable methods of ensuring the heli flyers still get a go. This requires cooperation and patience and a sense of sharing and fair play, and we are seeing plenty of that. Although helis are “space hungry”, their flights are generally short, in the order of 6 minutes, so have your plane in the queue and be ready to go up as soon as they’re down.

If you think the process needs some further work bring it to the attention of a committee member but recognizing your obligations to at all times act as gentlemen. Likewise with any other issues you have at DAC.

A year ago, the proposal was agreed to that we renovate this clubhouse, and we got stuck into it over the next 12 months. Today, that task has almost been completed, with just the benchtops, window surround and some minor hooks to go in and tidying to occur. The clubhouse is now cosy in winter and will be cooler in summer, and is clean and workable. I also suspect we have the best charging setup in Australia.

It has been a mammoth effort over 12 months, and I would like you to join with me in thanking the many contributors, with main players, being Grant, Michael, John Morrison, Colin, Anthony, Jose and Ian Slack. Thank you.

We were slightly over our financial estimate for the task but I think you’ll agree that the result is excellent.

We have plans for possibly a mural and some framed A3 sized photos, which can be regularly updated and which reflect the variety of our aeromodelling endeavours, and which can be updated. We will also have an honour board which will include the names of life members.

We are in the process of introducing the mandatory use of LiPo bags for charging LiPo batteries at DAC. The reason for this was only partially for the protection of the club assets. Equally or more important is that you use these at home, so that your garage / home / loved ones are safe. We did some tests and indications are that they give some protection, but of course you should always have additional protection such as a smoke detector, fire extinguisher and fire blanket, and only charge where and when safe.

Bags are $4 each. If you have taken some already, please pay ASAP. Label then or lose them. If we run out we’ll get some in. Some bags marked DAC should (hopefully) always be available for use if you accidently leave yours at home.

Michael is working on updating the website, to make it more reliable. He has recently conducted an experiment using SMS to mobiles to advise important events such as no flying because of total fire bans, or football competitions we received late notice of. The technology worked but the timing was out. We apologise to those of you who were awoken in the middle of the night to tell you of this AGM.

I ask you to join with me in thanking the DAC committee members for their excellent contributions to the continuing evolution of the Doncaster Aeromodellers' Club, to bringing it to where it is today, and setting it up for a very bright future.

Finally – thank you to all members for your support, ideas, cooperation and for they way you represent the club to visitors and neighbours and your support for trainees. Keep up the good work and also keep contributing to the sense of fun which exists at the Doncaster Aeromodellers' club.


President's Message at the AGM (July 2010)


It’s been a good year.

Our finances are healthy. Our facilities are excellent – we have location; good field; a good mower; shelters; clubhouse; charging bars; kitchen – with fridge, boiling water and tea, coffee, milk and sugar.

Club nights have been reasonably well attended, with excellent show & tell exhibits, and lots of pizza and our Christmas party was a heap of fun.

The Saturday sausage sizzles (which are self-funded, ie the club does not pay for these) are enjoyed.

In fixed wing we have Electric, Internal Combustion RC and Internal Combustion Control-Line. We also have a growing number of heli flyers.

In each of these groups there is a mine of information and an enormous amount of sharing of knowledge and support.

Flying skills are continuing to improve – a number of bronze and gold wings were attained in both fixed wing and heli. Or club is well represented in and does well in competitions.

We have web-cam, an excellent website, access to the weather radar.

We don’t a have a newsletter, because we’re too busy flying or building (or repairing) or busy with our home and work lives. However the website’s On The Weekend tab provides excellent updates and we’ve saved a fortune on newsletter postage and production costs, and work.

DAC members particularly enjoy sitting around and chatting and the general camaraderie. I really celebrate that.

Looking ahead – I envisage more of the same. The planned insulation and lining of the clubhouse, which will make it warmer in winter and cooler in summer and better for club nights. There are also plans to move the control line circle some 4 metres south-east, to increase safety.

That the club had been doing so well is because of the input, contributions and cooperation of the members and excellent work by the committee, and everyone who picks up the odd jobs around the place, particularly those who do the mowing on cold mornings.

I firstly thank Michael (Webmaster and Registrar (and general magician)), Doug (Treasurer), and Allan (Secretary), who have really worked hard to make the official things all work seamlessly.

I also thank Cliff (Vice president), Colin, David G, David L, Grant, Bill and Fernando for their contributions and support.

Fernando is retiring from the Committee after many years of service, including as newsletter editor and merchandise salesman, and on behalf of myself, the Committee and all Members, many thanks Fernando for you work over that time.

Long time flyer Richard Fraser has been nominated for Committee and we look forward to his valuable input.

As I said, it’s been a good year – and, with your contributions and support, I’m looking forward to the DAC continuing to be a terrific and extremely enjoyable club.

Ian Pullar – President.

President's Message  (Sept 2009)

I’ve not written since our AGM – which was a good night except I prattled on a bit long.  Our committee is unchanged except that James Taylor has stepped down, with Allan Swift is taking on the role of Secretary, and Bill Osborne coming on board.  We’re in need of someone to take on newsletter editorship and also someone willing to organise better weather.

The following is a slightly shortened edition of my AGM report, and if you promise to make lots of contributions to the newsletter, next year I promise to keep my report much shorter. ;-)


It’s been a good year, because of the contributions of so many.  Special thanks go ……

  • To all flyers and non-flyers – for doing their bit to keep things safe, sharing the jobs, getting along, not whingeing and contributing to the camaraderie

  • The put-er-out-er-ers – who put out the windsock, cones and transmitter pound before the flying begins, and the put-er-in-er-ers – who put everything back at the end of the day

  • The cleaner-up-er-ers – who’ve kept the fridge, kitchen, clubhouse and surrounds in good order

  • The fridge stockers – who make sure there is milk, tea coffee and sugar

  • The donors – for all the things they donate to the club, particularly Saj who donated a TV and accessories

  • The ideas contributors – who’ve thought of something and shared it

  • The doers and fixers – who see something that needs doing, fixing or improving – or who are asked to attack a job, and who make it happen.  I make particular mention of Grant – thanks for the sign, the gravel that’s filled the muddy patches, for fixing the lock and door and lots of other things, Nik – for the lettering on the sign, and Allan, for getting the model restraints, and who recently represented us at the VMAA meeting, and to those who assisted with the cleanup after the installation of the shelters

  • The live-close-by-and-seem-to-be-called-on-regularly-ers – special thanks to Ian Slack and Marc for their assistance when the shelters were being built.

  • The greeters – who’ve greeted and shown around visitors and potential members. 

  • The sharers and show-and-tell-ers – who bring new gear, experiences and experiments to the club to so others can gain from their learning

  • The enquirers – who ASK if they don’t know – and generate much discussion so the end result is a good one and shared by many

  • The jokesters – those who contribute to the FUN of being a member of DAC

  • The photographers – who take pictures for the web and the newsletter, especially Viv (Ned’s dad), Michael, Cliff and Darren.

  • The newsletter contributors – who provide a variety of great articles and hints.

  • The labellers – who LABEL their gear, so if left in the shed we can ring and tell them

  • The non-labellers, who DON’T label their gear – who I presume are wanting to give me the gear they left in the shed

  • The improvers – those who strive to improve their own flying skills

  • The encouragers – who encourage others in all aspects of their flying and building

  • The mentors – who’ve helped with the training in big ways and small

  • The testers – who’ve given their time to ensure that trainees have reached an appropriate standard before they can fly solo, and who do the paperwork so it all gets registered

  • The representatives – who represent our club at events and meetings away from DAC

  • The Control Line team – who are always right for a chat, are welcoming to guests and those making enquiries, and who maintain a high standard of safety, flying, mentoring, encouragement.  I hope they get good use out of their new gift

  • The mowing team – who brave cold mornings to ensure the field and surrounds are in tip-top shape and looking excellent, and ensure the mower and gear is put away clean and the ignition turned off (usually) so it won’t flatten the battery.  The team consists of Nik, Greg Sleeth, Saj, Allan Swift, Patrick, and Grant, plus Cliff who also arranges the petrol purchasing and maintenance, and me

  • By no means least, past members of committee who’ve been called upon for their wisdom

On behalf of myself and all members, I thank the current committee.

  • Cliff – Vice President.  Cliff and I have been I constant communication throughout the year and I thank him for his great assistance and support.  Many thanks also for his excellent mentoring and testing of new flyers and mowing coordination, and meeting set-up and catering.  I also wish him well on his retirement.

  • James Taylor – Secretary – who kept the minutes up to date and the papers in order, logged the correspondence, and helped with ideas and guidance to ensure we have done things according to the rules and regulations.  James has a busy year ahead of him, with a new baby and work and other commitments and so is taking a break from the club and his membership of the Committee ceased 30 June.  Missing you already James – come back soon.

  • Douglas Rochlin – our Treasurer – beavering hard behind the scenes, banking, paying out, balancing and ensuring investments are earning their best and we get our tax deductions back.

  • Michael Best – Registrar, Web designer and coordinator, Assistant Editor, newsletter and notice folder, stamp-licker and sender-out-er-er, trainer, mentor, maintainer of the helipad and the form supply, innovator, webcam developer, doer and person who has spent the last 2 years suffering James’ and my senses of humour.

  • Allan Swift – who has willingly taken on the role as Acting Secretary, represented us at the VMAA meeting, and coordinated the purchase of the model restraints.

  • David Gibbs – a Past President – who continues provide great contributions to the club and who has been a great support for me.

  • Grant – who is always getting things around the club done – contributes to the training, shares in the responsibilities of keeping the club running and also contributes to the fun.

  • David Law – who brings to the club and the committee his passion for DAC, and modelling and flying and is a valuable contributor to the Committee.

  • Fernando – who has until recently been coordinating the merchandise (jackets, beanies, caps and shirts) and brings both experience and a mischievous sense of humour.

  • Colin – who is one of those doing an excellent job with the testing and who inspires others with his scratch-built models and his general enthusiasm for the hobby..

Each of the committee members brings to the Committee their enthusiasm, ideas, and they all know how to speak their mind but also to listen. 

Their diversity has allowed may voices and points of view to be heard and bounced around.  The result is a great club accommodating a variety of models, a variety of people and which has prospects for an excellent future.

I’d also like to thank our near neighbours, the Yarra Bowmen and Carey of their good neighbourliness and a very big thanks to the good people at Manningham City Council, who’ve kept the surrounds mown and in good order and who contributed so much to our shelters.  Special thanks to the VMAA Committee who recently approved a grant towards our shelters and who administer our bronze wings and are our conduit to the MAAA.

Finally, thanks to the volunteers at the MAAA for their work, including coordinating the insurance and provide guidance and papers on flight testing and numerous technical papers such the Manual Of Procedures (MOP) on 2.4GHz equipment

I believe the recipe for a healthy flying club are equal measures of

  • concern for safety;

  • respect for ourselves and each other; and

  • communication, which includes listening

Throw in a healthy sense of fun,  share generously and accept that that none of us is perfect and we are all continuing to learn.  With all this – strive towards creating a place where we can continue to move forward, to enjoy great company and great facilities.

As I said, it’s been a great year.  I’m looking forward to the coming year being even better.  I invite you to do you bit to make it so.

Fly safe and fly often – and keep contributing to and enjoying DAC

Ian Pullar


President's Message  (May 2009)

What happened to global warming?  All of a sudden I’m cold and I don’t like it.

Great meeting in April.  We started the meeting outside with a discussion about fire fighting equipment and Grant demonstrating the rechargeable water extinguisher.  We then went inside and quickly went through the formal stuff, including that we agree to give $1000 to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal (since done), then on to presentations – being Shane Orchard’s scale Wright brothers’ military model, and Saj’s Yak – which led to with some excellent discussion about moving up to bigger electric planes and best battery types for powering receivers and transmitters.  As the pizzas and garlic bread arrived, we went outside for some night flying by Cliff, Michael B and Xerxes.

Easter treated us well, with excellent weather and great flying.

Shelters continue to progress - there are a large number of steps in this but we’re getting there.  A hole has appeared to the east of the shed and at time of writing we are seeking to have this filled.  (It could be a bunker.) The broadleaf weed is back and we’ll be asking the council to spray this. We recently received a call from an advertising agency which used our field to film a Suzuki commercial.  Michael B has been working on a couple of projects and I anticipate an update on Heli flying arrangements shortly.

David Law brought home two first place trophies from the Nationals at Cootamundra with his Vampire jet and his Spitfire.  Well done David - we look forward to hearing more about this.

We didn’t go into the VMAA trophy this year, but understand it was closely contested by the four teams with the results being  VARMS 22 points, Northern 21 points, P & DARCS 20 points and La Trobe 19 points.

We have some new DAC jackets in stock – they’re warm and they look great.  $80.  We may do another run soon, so if what we have doesn’t fit you, (several L’s and one XL) see me and get your order in.

We are currently awaiting advice of the MAAA insurance charges before issuing Membership Renewal Notices.  Keep an eye out for this and start saving your pennies  because no renewal = no insurance = no flying.  NO exceptions.

There are a lot of people about on the weekends and we have to ensure we continue with our safe flying practices and have all our gear in tip-top shape.

See you at our next meeting on 18 May.  If the weather is fine we might try a little more night flying.

Special thanks to Stephen Barrow for his work on this month’s newsletter.


Fly safe – fly often – Ian P


President's Message  (March 2009)


What a summer!  Hot, windy dry, and for some folk disastrous.


The newsletter   - Firstly, this newsletter isn’t suffering from the drought – but Fernando has had to drop his commitment to the newsletter editor’s job because of work obligations.  MANY thanks Fernando for your remarkable efforts on the newsletter – the results were excellent.  In his absence, it’s up to everyone else to contribute articles, pics and hints so the newsletter continues to benefit all members.


The Field  - To stop the field from becoming a complete dustbowl we have not mowed for some time, in the hope that there might be some life left under those yellow tufts – which might again grow with the return of the rain.


The Fridge  - The ants found it so hot they tried to move into the fridge – through the failing door seals.  By good fortune this coincided with the availability of a cheap replacement, which now keeps our milk cold, and water-bottles iced for hot days.


The Flying – No flying on Total Fire Ban Days  - In view of the dryness of the field and surrounds and of the potential for disaster and our duty of care to our landlords, neighbours and the public in general, no flying is currently allowed on Total Fire Ban days.  This includes days / times where the danger appears to have passed but the Total Fire Ban remains.  Many country clubs have this rule in place and VARMS has also recently introduced. it.


There was a fire a couple of kilometres north of our field, (not caused by us) but fortunately a southerly wind was blowing and the fire was quickly extinguished by the authorities.


Black Saturday really was atrocious.  I had to deliver something at the field and while there I measured the temperature of the carpark tarmac at 60 degrees.  When my brushless motors get to that temperature I usually get concerned!


The Fires  - Of course we only had to cope with the inconvenience and some discomfort.  Many folk, as you know, lost houses, gear, loved ones or their lives. 


There is a school of thought that the world works better if those who are lucky help those who are not so lucky.  On that theme, it was proposed at our recent Committee meeting that we might make a donation to the bushfire appeal.  The amount of $1000 to the Red Cross bushfire fund was suggested as the recipient.  We will take this proposal to the coming club meeting on Monday 16/3 and make a decision there.


If you can’t be at our 16/3 meeting and wish to express an opinion, please contact me, or telephone 0425 831 572.


VMAA trophy – we’re trying to gauge interest in our participation in this event this year, it’s on 18 &19/4 at the State Field.  Please contact me ASAP if interested.


Free flight models  - clarification of DAC requirement – not to be flown when radio control or control line models are in the air due to safety concerns over lack of controllability of models (including but not limited to ‘chuckies’ and rubber powered free flight models).  At all times, free flight models are to be used with due caution and respect for other members’ equipment. Many thanks for your cooperation on this.


Next Meeting - Monday 16/3  - In addition to discussing the proposed donation, there’ll be show and tell and Pizzas and ….


Night flying!  - Yep – night flying at the meeting.  See notice in this newsletter.  And BRING A TORCH to help light up planes doing “spotlight flying”.


Fly safe and fly often




President's Message  (Dec 2008)

Ahh Summer! Lots of flights and lots of camaraderie.

Most important – the Christmas BBQ on Sunday 14th December. ALL members and their families are invited to attend. LOTS of food and LOTS of different models – a combination of both the Saturday and Sunday crews – with lots of flying.

The field has been sprayed with a broadleaf weed killer and it’s taken effect. I’m looking forward to watching the grass grow to take its place.

The shelter project is progressing, with Council having arranged power cable and water-pipe locating and soil testing.

I’ve finally built my Multiplex Blizzard and it’s great. 1.37 metre “hotliner” glider – or perhaps “warmliner” if you believe the threads. I have attached a pair of taped-on aluminium flaps and landing is a doddle. Setting it up with a new receiver with failsafe option – reminded me to remind everyone that failsafe only works if you set it up. In my case it’s no throttle, part flaps and elevator compensation.

From all of the DAC Committee, all the very best to everyone for the festive season.

Fly safe and fly often

Ian P.


President's Message  (Nov 2008)

The forecast was for a cool windy Saturday and Michael and I both had the same thought.  With little prospect of any good flying, today would be a good day to get the unsuspecting lads who turn up to help lay the concrete pavers around the clubhouse forecourt.

To cut a long story short – the plan worked.  I picked up a couple of pairs of gloves and 30 heavy pavers (the joys of owning a station wagon) and within two hours the job was done.  Many thanks to all who contributed to the work and to those who supervised and others who admired our work.

Thanks also to the trainees who recently “volunteered” to give the shed a sweep and a de-cobweb recently, and thanks for willingly and cheerfully taking on this task. 

Progress is being made arranging the shelters in the pits and the control line area.  These things take time. 

We’ve asked the council to spray out the broadleaf weed and they’re expected to be on to it soon.  Hopefully we’ll get some spring rain to allow the grass to grow through in its place.  Thanks also to Saj and Allan for joining the mowing roster.  Special thanks to Anthony for his work on the roster for a considerable period. 

Congratulations to Alex Zattelman, John Wessel and Michael Best on attaining their helicopter bronze wings* on a very windy day, and special thanks to Lindsay Henderson for doing the testing.

(* Bronze wings in heli?  Shouldn’t that be bronze rotor-blades?)

Daylight savings is now here – which means internal combustion models may be flown from the earlier time of 10am on Sundays.

A reminder that non-members may only fly at DAC a couple of times in a year; they must have MAAA insurance coverage and must fly under the mentorship of an experienced DAC club member.  New flyers (who are not yet insured) may fly only a couple of times and under the direct “traineeship” of an experienced DAC member.

If you see something that’s amiss – take action – and inform someone on the committee.  If you come across a non-member flying at the DAC field, please TELL me (my mobile number is in the club room); preferably with their car rego number.

Fly often – fly safe – and have fun. And remember to slip, slop and slap – sunscreen is provided.

Cheers – Ian Pullar

President's Message  (Sept 2008)

SPRING – some warmth – longer daylight hours – thermals – and magpies!  Welcome back to some good flying weather.  Looking forward to some relaxing (and safe) flying and camaraderie.

We’re continuing to progress in respect of the shelters – but there are steps still to be taken.

Heli flyers are now out in force and you’ll note an upcoming opportunity to be tested for Bronze Wings.

The Heli Pad is ONLY for hovering practice, and if the wind allows, please stand at the south west corner, ie closest to the toilet block.   For more adventurous flying:

  • fly over the strip

  • keeping to the NORTH

  • give other pilots plenty of notice before you take off so they have the opportunity to land before you take off, if that is their choice.

·         A number of pilots are now doing the above and it’s working well, with folk cooperating and happy to accommodate each other’s different flying needs.  If you have any concerns or suggestions, speak to me or any of your committee members.  If the sky is busy, arrange between yourselves mutually convenient timeslots for different flying styles.

On another matter, I have a VERY big concern about non-members flying at our field, either when no-one is about, or when members are present. 

Genuine trainees can attend and fly under a mentor TWICE in a year, so they get to check us out before deciding whether or not to join us.

Members of other clubs (and thus insured with MAAA) who are flying as a guest and WITH a DAC member and UNDER THEIR GUIDANCE may fly TWICE in a year with us and must complete the Visitor’s book.  They may NOT fly alone.

In the mornings particularly, non members are flying alone or beside DAC members.  This is against our rules, against council and insurance requirements.  To allow it to happen puts us ALL AT RISK OF LOSING THE CLUB, and thus you are not doing yourself or your fellow club members any favours by not doing something about it.

You may have the opportunity to quietly and in a friendly fashion advise the offender that they can’t fly if contrary to the above, and if you can then please do so – and tell me/a committee member too.  However I recognise this is not always possible or comfortable, and we are not requiring you to do so.  

HOWEVER – we ask that you INFORM ME OR ANYONE ON THE COMMITTEE (your confidentially will be respected) so we can TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT US FROM POTENTIALLY LOSING THE CLUB.  The info that will assist includes:  date; time; who (if known); what was flown; description of person / plane / car and car rego. 

I will be very disappointed (upset*) if folk allow this to continue without reporting it and this may be regarded as conduct prejudicial to the interests of the club.  (*I figure you’d better know my feelings on this BEFORE an event, because you’ll certainly know about them AFTER one.)

I trust you will all appreciate the importance of the above and that we can all count on your support and cooperation. 

I trust you also appreciate the importance of being on good terms with our neighbours.  If you have any concerns or are not sure to do in any situation, RING me.  My number is on the clubhouse.

Fly safe – and fly often.      Cheers – Ian Pullar.       0425 831 572


President's Message  (AGM, 21 July 2008)

It’s been an interesting year.

When I was asked 12 months ago if I would stand for President, I agreed, so long as the incoming committee and former committee members would assist me. They said they would – and they have.

Graham Kay, our Treasurer, left the Committee late this year to head off travelling. He’s done a great job. Douglas Rochlin stepped in as Treasurer – coinciding with starting a new job, the rush of membership renewals and preparing the end of year figures.

Colin Kahn is stepping down as Secretary. Regularly we would leave meetings and discover the minutes had been typed up and emailed to us that night – ready for us to read when we turned our computers on next morning. Colin has agreed to nomination as an ordinary committee member.

Ian Slack has decided to take a break, from both his position as Membership Registrar and also from the Committee. Ian has done an exceptional job as Registrar, and also brought an enormous amount of experience wisdom to the Committee – as well as hosting many Committee Meetings.

To all of the above, I say, on behalf myself and all members – many many thanks for your contributions.

Many thanks also to the other members of the Committee, for your contributions to the club, by way of getting things done, your observations, input, opinions and support.

I look forward to club members continuing to enjoy the camaraderie of the club, to contribute and to enjoy the facilities.

I’m also looking forward to the continued improvement in everyone’s flying skills and to a lot of safe flying.

Ian Pullar – President.


President's Message  (June 2008)

A year ago I was asked if I’d accept the nomination for President.  I was surprised – and very nervous about accepting.  I said to the lads I would accept, providing they continued to bring their experience, wisdom and contributions to the committee to ensure everything runs smoothly.  They said they would and have been true to that promise. 

What I wanted in a club was an excellent flying venue, good facilities, to be able to fly in safety, and with a fun, friendly and supportive group of fellow fliers.  I soon discovered that this is what others wanted too – and I believe we’ve achieved this. 

The success of the club can be attributed to the contributions of:

all members – flying safely and promoting safe flying – keeping the club facilities clean and the field mown – supporting each other in improving skills and with advice on equipment selection, maintenance, repair and fault analysis PLUS – telling the committee their ideas and concerns;

those who contribute to training and testing;

the committee members who take this all in and bring it and their own wisdom to the running of the club; and

those on the committee doing the paperwork, computer work, organising and external liaison required to keep the club operating effectively, efficiently and with minimum fuss.  

I’m not into politics – I’m into planes, or, more correctly, flying planes.  (I have 2 kits in the garage ready to build, and 2 wacky (and hopefully workable) ideas for novelty planes.  But I have so much fun at the field flying and yakking, I have little time for building.)  Minimum fuss means more flying.  It really is the way to go. 

I’m looking forward to the club continuing to run smoothly and easily – with your assistance.  All committee positions are declared vacant and some committee members have indicated they will not be re-standing.

I encourage (request – appeal for – implore) members to continue their contributions and to also consider taking their turn on the committee to keep the club bubbling along. 

Nearly forgot to mention – club fees now due.  Follow instructions on form WELL BEFORE 1/7.  No renewal = no insurance = no flying.  Forms/money NOT accepted at field – (’cos that’s our flying field, not our office).  Cheers – Ian Pullar


 President's Message  (May 2008)

Hi folks – some important info this month.  Some of you will already have had some of this info emailed (notice) to you because of its urgency.


WEEKDAY FLYING – ISSUES – We received a complaint early May from Carey about a low flying and noisy electric plane flying above their playing fields.  Not known if the pilot was a DAC member.  (a) Absolutely no flying outside the field parameters on school days – important that this not be allowed to happen.  (b) Save your less-quiet electric planes for more appropriate times.  Electric pusher planes flown fast and ducted fans can really make a racket.  Potential risk – goodbye field.


2.4Ghz EQUIPMENT – there have been some recent queries re this and I thank all who have been in communication with me – with varying points of view.  I am aware some folk are considering purchasing equipment and, quite reasonably, don’t want to then find they can’t use it at DAC. 

Last year the DAC committee put in place some rules (click here) around the use of 2.4Ghz gear, and these have not changed.  Let’s now re-look at why these were determined, and how they apply.

BACKGROUND: 2.4Ghz equipment came on the market towards the end of 2006 (I think) being a new technology with little info available about its reliability, resistance to interference and range. 

Our governing body, the MAAA, had their technical people evaluate the equipment and establish its parameters – and mid 2007 put these into their Manual Of Procedures (MOP).

In September 07 the DAC committee determined a policy (which is on the DAC website, on the club noticeboard and  is summarised on the notice beside the frequency keyboard) – which included the following: 

The approval [of certain 2.4Ghz equipment at DAC] excludes the “Spectrum DX6” sets (DSM technology) and, as stated, other equipment which is generally regarded as being only suitable for “Park Flyers”, including receivers. 

Be aware that  equipment purchased directly from overseas (or from some Australian importers) may appear to be the same as approved sets but if it does not  have the “C-Tick” then it is not allowed.

Let’s start by looking at the C-Tick requirement.  The C-Tick shows the importer has supplied sufficient info to the Australian certification authorities to have the gear they’re importing certified as meeting certain Australian specifications.  The MAAA state there can be a problem with gear sold from overseas – as it may look the same but the internals may differ – and have warned clubs off allowing non-C-Tick gear being used at their fields as it may not meed Australian standards and thus may not be covered by MAAA insurance. 

Many clubs, DAC included, have chosen to disallow non-C-Tick equipment as it is not prepared to put its future existence in jeopardy when the approved gear is readily available in Australia.  Whilst it is acknowledged that some of the overseas sourced gear can be cheaper, the DAC committee is not prepared to put club assets / access to our field at risk.

Now lets look at “Park Flyer” gear.  The early model Spectrum DX6 gear, which used “DSM” technology, was found to only have sufficient range for “park flyer” planes.  The later DSM2 technology, which was within the Spectrum DX7 and, released a little later the DX6i was regarded as having “full range” and so is allowed to be used. 

HOWEVER – some DSM2 RECEIVERS (including the single unit models AR6100E, AR6100 and AR6300) ARE ONLY CLASSED BY THEIR OWN MANUFACTURERS AS BEING FOR PARK FLYERS.  There are also currently certain  Futaba FAAST (R616FFM) and XtremeLink (2.4GHz 6 channel) receivers which are “park flyer” only.  This list will no doubt constantly change – but the DAC rules still apply.

In setting the rules, the DAC committee considered the implications of allowing the use of this limited-range gear within the very tight parameters of our field – and bearing in mind the implications of planes crashing off our field, into school or other public areas – and this risks of injury or a backlash causing us to lose access to our field – and disallowed it.

So what does this mean?



I am aware some folk have been using Park Flyer gear at long range – and have no problems with it – however the range of all radio gear can be affected by, individually or in combination:

how appropriately it is mounted in the plane;

the attitude of the plane and receiver at any given time in relation to the transmitter;

the quality of the receiver (which the manufacturers themselves acknowledging that park flyer receivers have less reception reliability); and

other signals in the area at the time.

A number of things above the pilot (and certainly the DAC committee) can have no control over – and this is exacerbated by the choice of gear – and thus to minimise risk the DAC committee maintains this rule that park flyer 2.4Ghz receivers cannot be used, at DAC.

A healthy club is one where members communicate – so discuss any queries or concerns with your committee. 


SHOT DOWN – Doug and I were flying his 2.5 metre Fomet (giant Komet) on Sat 11/5 and were shot down by some young blokes trying a new plane they had bought on the internet – on the oval immediately to the north.  Same frequency.  Fortunately not a lot of damage to Doug’s plane.  IF YOU SEE SOMEONE DOING THIS – IMMEDIATELY TELL DAC FLIERS so they don’t get shot down like we were.  And maintain cordial relations with the “offenders” – they usually don’t know any better.  Much can be gained from good relations.  Much can be lost (including vandalism and deliberate radio interference and loss of the field) from bad relations.


VISITORS – MEMBERS OF OTHER CLUBS (who therefore have MAAA Insurance) may visit twice in a year, under the guidance of an experienced DAC member without joining DAC. 


OTHER FLIERS WHO ARE NOT MEMBERS OF OTHER CLUBS may only fly at DAC as genuine “trainees”, under the direct training of an experienced member, and for a couple of times only, to give them an opportunity to see how they fit in and whether they would like to take up the hobby / join.  They are NOT permitted to continue flying without joining, even if training is continuing.  The main reason for this rule is the insurance risk. Members are not permitted to allow this to occur as it puts our continued use of the field at risk.  


BEST TIME TO JOIN DAC – have your friends join from 1 July and take advantage of a full year’s membership (click here).


TREASURER – Graham Kay is off travelling and Douglas Rochlin (click here) has agreed to take on the role.  Many thanks to Graham for his excellent work and for Douglas for stepping in.


TRAINING – occurring for internal combustion on Sundays and Electric on Saturdays (click here).  Congratulations to Ned (aged 11) on attaining Bronze Wings (basic electric).  As always – members with bronze wings on basic planes MUST be mentored when moving on to other craft.

At the end of his first day, my latest trainee (aged 13) was practicing takeoffs and landings, and on second day was doing landings in a stiff breeze.  However I know that old age and treachery will defeat youth and skill any day, so I’m not concerned.

Looking forward to members obtaining HELI BRONZE WINGS (click here) over coming months. 


SHELTERS – quotes obtained – we’ve put in a request to Manningham Council for these to be built –so keep your fingers crossed.


FIELD – we have grass!! Only a few bare patches now and the field is pretty level.  Markers in place to assist strip mowing alignment (click here), slightly narrower than before.  Heli Pad, with 10 metre markers, now also being mowed.  Any concerns, speak up.


WEB – if you haven’t seen it, look at the ongoing evolution of DAC web site.  Look at “On the Weekend” for great pics.  Videos there too,  Thanks to Michael and also contributing photographers, particularly Viv.


VIEWING THIS NEWSLETTER IN SOFT COPY – many members no longer receive hard copies of newsletter, they simply receive email notification of its availability on the web.  This means they get to see it sooner, the pictures are in colour, it saves trees, and it saves the club a fortune, enabling us to keep our fees down. 

See you on the field – and also at the AGM.

Fly often – and fly safe – Ian Pullar 


President's Message  (April 2008)

Welcome to all new members and congratulations to those who have recently attained their Bronze Wings. We’re looking forward to more of our heli fliers getting their Bronze Wings soon too.

The local sporting clubs are not allowed to use their own sports grounds for practice as they may be damaged and made unsuitable for play when the season commences. As part of our policy of being good neighbours and a responsible community minded group, we have granted permission for the F.C. Bulleen Lions soccer club to use area surrounding the strip, circuit and pits from 6:00pm to 7:30pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday during March 08. No flying is to occur at these times, or when any member of the public is using our grounds. This permission period may be extended depending on conditions, and this seems likely. For more info, see notices on the club door and in the club-house.

We’re currently getting quotes on the installation of carport-style shading in the pits area and south west of the control line circle, and are in communication with council seeking approval for their erection. Keep your fingers crossed.

Following discussions at our February meeting, Grant has painted lines on the concrete to assist in keeping the doorway clear of chairs. This has generated much amusing discussion, such as members pondering whether a chair-leg ON the line is IN or OUT, etc etc. Thanks Grant – and thanks too to all who’ve contributed to the fun.

The old Spectrum DX6 continues to not be allowed to be used at DAC because it is standard DSM technology and considered suitable for park flyers only, however the new DX6i uses DSM2 technology and thus is allowed to be used at DAC, provided of course that it has the
C-Tick. If you’re thinking of one of these, consider the package that includes a helicopter, battery, charger etc etc. Contact you local hobby shop.

Our most serious issue recently was one Saturday a few weeks ago we ran out of sugar – and if that’s all there is then that says something about the great contribution everyone is making. Thanks everyone. I’m pleased to advise sugar has since been purchased.

We’re currently getting ready for the VMAA trophy, seeking to be unbeaten for our 9th year. It really is more of a carnival than a competition and you are all encouraged to come down to P & DARCS field, Wenn Rd, Cardinia on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 April to support the DAC team and enjoy yourselves. See for more details and a map of how to get there.

Learn lots, have fun, fly safe and fly often. Ian Pullar



Soccer Club Use of field, Mon Wed Fri nights during March (March 2008)

Dear DAC member.

As occurred last year, local sporting clubs are unable to use their grounds for practice because of the drought, to preserve them until the “wet” season and the start of their playing season.

As also occurred last year, we have been approached by a soccer club for the use of our grounds at certain times. We have agreed to this, as part of our policy of being good neighbours and a responsible community minded group.

We have granted permission for the F.C. Bulleen Lions soccer club to use the field from 6:00pm to 7:30PM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights during March 08. This may be extended depending on conditions. Conditions of use include that they keep off the strip, the control line circle and out of the pits, and they take responsibility for any damage caused.

No flying is to occur at these times.

There is a possibility that others may use the field for practice at other times, without apparent authority to do so. Absolutely no flying is to occur while any person is on the field, even if they are not authorised to be there.

If you do notice apparent organised use of the field at other times, PLEASE CONTACT ME (0425 831 572) and I will contact the Council as required. If you happen to casually establish what club they are with that may be helpful however I am NOT asking you to do this, nor to take on the “policeman’s” role and try to shoo them off. Please remember that we must at all times maintain good relations with the public. If someone seeks my contact details, they are on the mowing roster on the notice board and the fridge in the clubhouse.

Many thanks for you cooperation and assistance.

Ian Pullar
Doncaster Aeromodellers’ Club


President's Message  (Nov 2007)

There have been a number of things happening of late:
• Your committee members have been contributing in many ways to keep the club bubbling along, mentoring and keeping bookwork & finances up to date. Many thanks gents.
• Our web site has been revised and is looking great – well done Michael.
• We’ve set Sunday 9/12 as the date for our Christmas gathering at the club.
• We’re encouraging members to get their newsletters via email – to save trees, production and postage costs – and to see those great photos in colour.
• We’re in communication with the council regarding possibly flattening the strip and control line circle, and have made preliminary enquiries regarding the building of some solid roof shade structures for the pits and control line area.
• Some 3 flyers attained their Bronze Wings – congratulations to you and thanks to those who encouraged, instructed and tested them.
• We have some 5 new members on board – a big welcome to you all.
• Patrick K has become a member of the elite “Joy Ride” brigade by joining the mowing roster – thanks Patrick. Special thanks to Bill O, who recently retired from this role, for his contribution over a considerable period. Thanks also to all of our other volunteers.
• The mower had a visit to the Mower doctor and has been proclaimed healthy – and ready for at least one additional volunteer (Please contact Cliff or me.)
• We have 10 new hooks for “frequency” keys for 2.4GHz sets.
• Our Members have been in competitions and very successful – here and overseas – more info at our club meeting – on Monday 19/11.
• Daylight savings started and Internal Combustion lads can now start earlier on Sundays.
• There’s been lots of flying – by lots of members – with a huge range of planes.

There are many ways members can contribute and they all help to make DAC great.
• Keeping the grounds, kitchen and clubhouse clean – and emptying the rubbish.
• Using and emptying and the ashtray tin.
• Keeping the Charger bench and tables uncluttered and being able to be shared.
• Mentoring newer members – in gear and plane selection, set-up, safety and flying.
• Setting a good example in safe flying and maintaining wide safety parameters.
• Ensuring an excellent relationship with the public and our neighbours.
• Simply coming along and sharing the joy of flying, the things that you’ve learned and the camaraderie of the group.

If you are leaving the field and you have a key – check that those behind have one. If not, lock the clubrooms. If you find yourself last there without a key, RING someone, even if it has to be from home. Phone numbers are on the notice board on the mowing roster.

Finally - a special note to all new members – and to not so new members who are trying out new gear. It is a club requirement that all new planes are checked over by an experienced member, to ensure they are airworthy and you must not fly planes which are beyond your current abilities. This is to ensure everyone’s safety and to avoid crashes – particularly in neighbouring properties, which could put at risk our ongoing use of the field.

This really is important – so if you need assistance – ASK, and if you see someone who appears to need assistance – OFFER. It is EVERYONE’S responsibility to ensure we retain the use of our field – no excuses. (Safety – Think it – Talk it – Fly it.)

Cheers – Ian Pullar

President's Message  (Sept 2007)

Spring has sprung, and with it comes warmer weather, longer days, magpies, hayfever and, when daylight saving starts on 28 October, earlier starts for Sunday Internal Combustion fliers.

The warm weather also brings out the public, who sometimes creep into the “no go” areas for the public on the field.  We need to again use the signs appropriately.  Please use them.  One has a rope on it to create a barrier, stretching from the north west corner of the pits – to extend north. 

The public’s safety is important – and so is our relationship with them – even if they are in the wrong place or uncooperative.  It is IMPERATIVE we “be nice” to them – or we bring the club into disrepute, and put our access to our field at risk or provoke subsequent vandalism.

We have approved the use of certain 2.4ghz equipment.  Click here for details.  This matter was first considered a year ago and consideration deferred for 12 months – which we believe was an excellent decision.  Since then the technology has improved to now meet the demands of the DAC field with its tight boundaries and closeness to neighbours and the MAAA has only recently completed and investigation of the issues and produced a Manual Of Procedures (MOP) on the technology.

There are opportunities open for members to experience the joy of driving a motorised cart around the field.  (David G said that sounded much better than we need more members on the mowing roster.)  A great opportunity to give back to the club which gives you great facilities, and it is very little effort.  See Cliff or me please.

Fly safe – and fly often.  See you at the field or at the 17/9 meeting.                 

Ian Pullar


President’s Message (July 2007)

At time of writing, our 2007 Annual General Meeting has just been held and I have been given the honour of taking on the role of President.

Special thanks to outgoing president Cliff McIver and to retiring committee members Dennis Travassaros and Anthony Peate for their past contributions.

Our new committee consists of: Ian Pullar (President), Cliff McIver (Vice President), Colin Kahn (Secretary), Graham Kay (Treasurer), Ian Slack (Registrar), Fernando Monge (Newsletter), Michael Best (Webmaster) and committee members David Gibbs, Grant Collins, David Law and, new to the committee, James Taylor.

We are very fortunate to have access to our field in what is virtually inner-city Melbourne and to have an excellent club room and associated facilities. 

Our main aim, as in the past, will be to ensure continued access to these, through maintaining safety standards and cooperation with local council, our neighbours and the community in general.

We will also be looking at maintenance and possible improvements to our field and club facilities.

Camaraderie, support and a whole lot of fun, are also essential ingredients. 

A healthy club is one in which people communicate and listen, recognising that there is usually a range of views on any topic – and that’s what makes it interesting.

To members I say – enjoy the variety and don’t just think About what your club can do for you, but also what you can do for your club.

To potential new members – come down and have a chat, meet the members, see what sorts of planes are flown and learn what is the most appropriate gear for beginners.  There is a learning process (it’s not quite as easy as it looks) and you’ll need a club member to mentor you.

If you have any questions, suggestions, requests or concerns – speak to me or anyone on the committee.

Fly often and fly safe,

Cheers – Ian Pullar

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