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  2023 Latest

DAC / GMAC joint Club Night - Show and tell .....

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  Mar 2020

Modelling @ DAC report - Gliders >>> and YouTube

  Feb 2020

Modelling @ DAC report - My Favourite Model

  Jan 2020

Modelling @ DAC report - Jets

  May 2019

Guest speaker Kevin Fryer spoke about "The Appeal of Old Timers".

  Nov 2018

Guest speaker David & Melissa Law spoke about their trip to Europe to compete in the 2018 FAI F4 Scale World Championship at Meiringen in Switzerland.

  Mar 2017

Jim Fullarton (link) at 99 is our oldest active club member. Jim still actively participates in a range of flying free flight model activities and last year won a state championship.

  Jan 2017

Show and tell .....

  May 2016

Committee update to members, plus more .....

  Mar 2015

President report; First Aid, plus more .....

  Jan 2015

President report; F1 Air Race at Sandown report, show and tell, plus more .....

  Mar 2014

President report and introduction of DAC Skill Building and Flight Proficiency Frame working

  Sep 2013

President reporting on what is happening around the club, plus more......

  Jul 2013

General meeting followed by AGM; Door prizes and more door prizes, plus night flying.

  May 2013

General meeting followed by show and tell - Tri Copter, Sound and light system for Fun Cub

  Mar 2013

Classic pattern "Curare"; Phoenix Simulator with DAC scenery

  Nov 2012

General meeting followed by show and tell (Beaufighter, Spitfire), pizza and night time flying

  Jul 2012

General meeting followed by AGM; ME109G update

  May 2012

Spectrum Rx installation, ME109G update, Brushless mCPx heli, CG4A Waco Combat Glider

  Mar 2012

V1 Bomber, ME109G, Fiesler Storch, Reed Transmitter, CG4A Waco Combat Glider

  Nov 2011

Texan; Gemini; Caribou; Meteor and more .....

  Sep 2011

Eurofighter with 360 thrust vectoring; Fun Cub used for trainers and advance flying.

  Jul 2011

General meeting followed by AGM; LiPo charge bags; ME109G; Quadrotor; LR-1A Pogo

  May 2011

Charging LiPo's safely; Electric models isolation link; DH-89 Dragon Rapide; Night flying

  Mar 2011

Height sensors, Desafio 2000, Fun Cub, Quarter Midget, Rifle, Tiger 3 conversion, Trex700, mCP-X, Heli blade balancing; J1; Night flying

  Nov 2010

Motor balancing; F35; Trojans; Bird Dog; J-1; K8; Transmitter mixing; Night flying

  Sept 2010

Renovation update; 2.4GHz update; Peter Cossins certified members 36MHz transmitters.

  July 2010

General meeting followed by AGM.  Show & Tell - Colin's Komet ME163B/C & night flying.

  May 2010

Beechcraft Bonanza, LS-3 scale glider, LED lighting, UAV Outback Joe update, Pulse jet.

  Mar 2010

Piper Cub setup for UAV challenge 2010, Twin Decathlons, Electric Trainer, Vintage C/L model.

  Nov 2009

Angel 50E, Vector thrust jet, Hand launch glider, Miniature IC motors, Komet lighting.

 <Sept 2009>

Hyperion fast charge batteries; Electrified 2 metre pattern models; Peter Cossins spoke about 36MHz transmitter and receivers, and also certified members 36MHz transmitters.

  July 2009

General meeting followed by AGM.  Show & Tell - Dave's retractable undercarriage, John's CoPilotII & night flying.

  May 2009

Anthony's Extra 260 and night time flying.

  Mar 2009

Fire extinguisher demonstration,  Shane's Wright Military Flyer,  Saj's Haikong YAK 55 and night time flying.

  Nov 2008

Allan's Q500 & Helios 63e.  Colin's Raptor with vector thrust

  Sept 2008

Saj's glider and radio installation.

  July 2008

General meeting followed by AGM, pizza and action.

  Apr 2008

Show and Tell - F104, F86, Most Unusual Model Pie-in-the-Sky, scaled Jet Ranger; KA-8 Glider, T-Rex 450

  Feb 2008

Colin's scaled Horsa glider, Grant's Oldtimer, Ian's Fomet, Emeter firmware update.

  Nov 2007

 Kevin - SAM championship Nevada

  Sept 2007

 Colin's Junkers & Ian's 2.6m Cularis

  July 2007

 David Law Spitfire Mk8 progress report

  May 2007

 VMAA trophy, this now 7 years in a row


 Safety - Refer to meeting minutes

  Nov 2006

 David Law explaining the construction of his new Pitts S-2A.

  Sept 2006

 David Law explaining the construction of his new 110 inch Spitfire.


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