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 20th March 2017 - Club Night Highlights

Jim Fullarton (link) was guest speaker, at 99 is our oldest active club member (and is one of our newest DAC members).  Jim still actively participates in a range of flying free flight model activities and last year, at the young age of 98 won a state championship.  He has competed in world championship events and written columns and produced plans for Aeromodeller magazine in England. He has written for Australian magazines and even produced a series of plans/articles for the Sun newspaper.

Photos courtesy of Alex Z, Min D & Dan D

  Jim Fullarton 99 years young


YouTube - Pt1 - Outside activities

YouTube - Pt2 - Video on Free Flight

YouTube - Pt3 - The evening

Watching the action

Watching the video - YouTube

Cliff night flying with lighting in background.

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