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November 2007 - General Club Night Highlight

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Meeting of the faithful

Son of SAM, prize winner fresh back from US of A

Flying foamy Hyperion Sniper minus profile wing

 Dennis admitting it takes more skill to fly electric - impressive electric conversion of Yak (incl $500 fan cooled Speedie)

Huge 2x 6s Hyperion packs

Slack's slippery slope soarer sitting stationary

Electric, foam (elapor), and it is not a Komet - outrageous! The Multiplex Twister EDF prior to maiden flight.

Twistin' again. All planes should have two photos prior to maiden flight...

An old timer an his new plane, kind donation by Norm Bell (aeromodelling guru) with control surfaces added by Michael B.

More orange than a citrus farm - Ian P with Cularis in
flying trim



Photos & caption courtesy of James T.


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Ian P. - Cularis finding the pot of gold

The big crowed.  Standing room only

Kevin F. - SAM championship

SAM championship Nevada

Dennis T. - Hyperion Sniper

Dennis T. - Yak 54

Ian S. - ASW 28

Cliff M (& Paul) - Twister 73+21

Ian P. - Cularis crow brakes



Michael B. - Electrified Old Timer

Photos courtesy of Michael Best

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