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DAC Photos before 1980

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Photos courtesy of Norm Edmunds (mid 1970s)

Andrew Frith - Avenger Enya35

Peter Blaskett - Marksman Enya35

Norm Edmunds - DMAC Stick Trainer

David Edmunds - Control line model

Norm Edmunds - Control line model

Norm Edmunds - Control line models

DAC Control Line Combat 1977

awarded to Norm Edmunds



DMAC - Doncaster Model Aircraft Club

Club History 1973 recalled by Norm Edmunds (Oct 2011)

My brother David and I were at the first ever flying day of what quickly became DAC, one Saturday afternoon in probably 1973, organised by young Peter Blaskett, two fields prior to your current location, at a small council oval about one street or so down the hill from the Blaskett home in Doncaster. I think Peter had placed an ad in a local newspaper or perhaps a model shop, seeking model minded folk to join in.

So together with some other young fliers from the area, probably Andrew Cromarty and a couple of others my older brother’s age, we went along. There I met David Logie whose mother Lola assisted the club greatly, as Ron wrote.

The guys had a few flights, (I didn’t fly until a few weeks later) we made a lot of noise of course with our big 1.5 and 2.5cc engines (no mufflers in those days) and had a great afternoon. Until some guy from the council arrived to kick us all off! He drove right on in, right up to the modellers, right over several laid out control lines, and gave us our marching orders! Hence the relocation the next weekend to the second oval in at Bulleen Park.

The club was all control line then, and I think Ron Blaskett was one of the first to show a radio controlled VERON ROBOT aeroplane, which ended up floating off down the river one day with us kids chasing it. Some time after, as Ron wrote, the club moved to its present location, primarily control line, but also attracting these novelty radio controlled models. We would often have them taking off through our operating control line circle. Even back then we’d occasionally get noise grief from the beautiful people living way up high on The Boulevard of Ivanhoe overlooking the field.

Dad used to take David and I to the hobby shops and flying every weekend without fail, and he taught us both how to solder properly when making our models, a skill I still use today. We enjoyed many a club meeting on probably a Friday night at the Blaskett home (DAC Headquarters) and flew with DAC until we moved to the coast in about 1978.


Photos courtesy of Ron Blaskett (1974-1975)

Ian Byers - Great Lakes Special First ever display day at DAC circa 1974

Greame Thake - The pits early morning, first ever display. Great Lakes Special and Pitts Special

Jim Donnelly - Sweetstik

Ron Blaskett - 1975 Carl Goldberge Falcon 56

Ron Blaskett - 1975


Club History recalled by Ron Blaskett (Apr 2010) - letter  



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