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DAC Fun Fly - Saturday 30th November 2013

Events - 10sec climb and glide, runway taxi around witches hats, take-off 2 loops, roll and land, and limbo.    Results here

Ian P - EasyStar ....

.... runway taxiing

Jose M - EasyStar

Mark D - FunCub

Colin K - Stik

Alex Z - FunCub

Alex M - Trojan T-28

Greg S - FunCub

Michael B - Komet ....

.... limbo

Juris B - Assassin

Colin K & Allan S - Komet



DAC Fun Fly - Saturday 21st September 2013

Excellent day of Fun Flying enjoyed by all.  Weather was just right and the BBQ went down well,  thanks to Nik D.  Also thanks to the organisers and all volunteers who helped out on the day. 

Events - 10sec climb and glide, Fast and Slow run, taxi around witches hats, take-off 2 loops and land.    Results here

 Photos courtesy of Alex Z, Kendrick P, Victor L & Michael B

(Click on photos for enlargement)

Nik D on the BBQ ....

... feeding the mob

Pre Fun Fly checks and registration

Pre Fun Fly briefing

Explanation of event to members

Victor L (trainee) enjoying Fun Fly

Alex Z time keeper

Allan S recorder keeping

Grant C - Taxiing the course

Unwanted Fun Flyer ....

.... spoiling our fun

Allan S nice landing

A bit of fun with helium balloon

Douglas R just missed

Michael B - Taxiing the course

In the bits taking a break.

Steven H FunCub

Alex Z - Pitts S12


Colin K - EasyStar, light ON!!

Alex M - Eurofighter


Bulls eye !!!

End of day debriefing


and the final cleanup by Tim W


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