Christmas 2019 Social Events          

DAC Christmas Party 2019

Saturday 14th December

Photos courtesy of Alex Z & Keith P

(Click on photos for enlargement)

This is how the day unfolded YouTube clip here  and Bruce Lancaster YouTube clip here

Nik D BBQ masterchef "AGAIN"

Walter M looking after the roast

Nik & Walter

Graham, Victor, Britt, Andrew, Egon

Flora & Lachlan

Joanne & Nik

Nik & Indy

Peter & Juris

Dan hand launching ...

... Pterodactyl ...

.. with Walter M on the controls

Stan,  , Michael

Stan, Con, Indy

Busy in the pits

Jose, Norm, Shirley, Wendy

Lambi, Alex, Stan, Con

Graham, Con, Indy

Lambi, Egon, Con

Norm, Shirley, Wendy

Mark, Keith, Michael

Dam, Walter

Con, Britt

Indy, Steve, Walter, Anton

Lachlan, Alex - Maule

Joanne & Victor

Britt & Jake

Michael, Kathy, Graeme

Rae, Alex, Britt


Lee, Dan

Geoff, Jose

Joanne, Flora


Lambi, Stan

Grant, Victor, Graham, Joanne

Indy, Jose, Con

Michael with Peter's twin sons

Egon - Turbo

Jake - Apprentice

Juris - Tucan

Graham, Lambi - Trojan


Michael - Hughes

Lambi launching

Dan launching

Juris launching

Michael launching

Shane - Me 109G

Group photo

Juris Christmas talk

Peter - Teksumo

Peter, Juris

Michael - Slow Poke

Steve - Trojan

Juris - Tucan

Walter - A10 Warthog





Alex, Egon

Egon - Timber Turbo

Graham - Trojan T28

Lambi - Trojan T28

Steve, Graham, Lambi


Juris, Alex, Egon

Egon, Alex, Peter, Michael, __

End of day packing up

Time lapse camera. YouTube clip here

*** 17 December, 2019 12:55 PM +1100 ***


Last updated 17 December, 2019

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