Christmas 2018 Social Events          

DAC Christmas Party 2018

Saturday 8th December

Photos courtesy of Alex Z & John S

Special guests were Manningham City Council Mayor Paula Piccinini, Deputy Mayor Anna Chen, Councillor Michelle Kleinert and Councillor Mike Zafiropoulos.

We also fundraised over $2000 for the Royal Flying Doctors Service (RFDS)

Report on how the day activities unfolded here

(Click on photos for enlargement)

This is how the day unfolded YouTube clip here

Michael R, Juris B & Walter M

Britt & Jake F

Norm & Shirley S

Setting up ready for the day

Indy eyeing of the auction items

Alex Z, Bill S and Grandson

Anton S & Bruce J

Rick W - Apprentice

Michael K & Lu B

Brendan Z & Michael B wheelchair setup

Brendan Z, Amani H & Michael B ....

.... flying Brendan's Apprentice, maiden

Successful flight, debriefing

Bill, grandson, Alex, Rick & Con

Barbie & Grant S, Wendy & Dan D

Juris & Ilona B with Cllr Michelle K

Juris B with Cllr Mike Z

Cllr Mike Z, Juris B & Cllr Michelle K

Indy B

Con G

Rick W

Michael R, Indy, Alex, Rick & Con

Michael R, Indy, Bill, Alex, Rick & Con

Alex Z & Andrew M

Jake F  - RFDS balloon

Barbie & Grant S

Michael R

Indy B.  Having fun? thumbs up

Anna C, Paula P, Juris & Ilona B

Michelle K & Michael B, preflight briefing

Cllr Michelle K & Michael B taxiing

Cllr Michelle K & Michael B in the air

Alex Z & Graham E

Rick W

Greg S

Mayor Paula P & Michael B ...

.... Apprentice take off ....

.... Mayor Paula P at the controls

Mayor Paula P & Michael B ....

.... landing Apprentice

Michael B & Mayor Paula P taxiing

Michael B & Deputy Mayor Anna C ...

... pre-flight setup

Paula P & John C, Michael B & Anna C

Michael B & Deputy Mayor Anna C

Michael B & Deputy Mayor Anna C ...

... at the controls ...

Michael B & Anna C successful flight

Michael R & Landon F free flight

Nik D BBQ masterchef "AGAIN"

Mike, Michael, Kendrick, Michael & Ben

Mike, Michael, Kendrick, Michael & Ben

Cllr Mike Z & Michael B successful flight

Cllr Mike Z, Michael B & Cllr Anna C

Deputy Mayor Anna C & John C

Michael R & Deputy Mayor Anna C

Min D & Deputy Mayor Anna C

Time for group photo ....

.... "smile" ....

.... followed by Pres Juris speech

Mayor Paula P, Jake F, Juris B ....

.... Jake presented with Bronze wings

Mayor Paula P & Pres Juris B

Juris B, Grant S &  Paula P raffle draw

Douglas R 1st prize pick

Action time ...

Walter M auctioneer

Going once, going twice ....

.... sold to Ben U

Auction fundraiser

John S (Jakes Komet) & Greg S ....

.... LIMBO time ....

Dan D & Lambi E - Teksumo

Michael B & Egon F - Apprentice

*** 30 December, 2018 10:19 AM +1100 ***

Put your hand up if you think it was a great day and DAC should stay in Bulleen Park !!!


Last updated 30 December, 2018

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