Christmas 2017 Social Events          

DAC Christmas Party 2017

Saturday 9th December

Photos courtesy of Keith H, Alex Z & Michael B

(Click on photos for enlargement)

How the day unfolded YouTube clip here

Getting ready for group photo

What's happening?

The conductor

Christmas group photo 2017 ...

.... Hands up who is having fun.

Master chef Nick at the BBQ ...

... and his special recipe prawns

Alex time lapse camera. YouTube here

Ben receiving his Bronze wings

Rick receiving his bronze wings

Graham receiving his Bronze wings

One minute fun fly competition

Jake judging. Is it in the circle?

Freeflight formation

Jake and Landon

Landon rubber powered freeflight

Jake Britt Victor Joanne Grant and daughter

Rick and Ben


Tom and Jake

Min on the phone

Stan Diana and Lamberto

Grant AT-6 Texan

Steve getting ready for a fly

Michael after heli flight

Enjoying the BBQ lunch

Cameron getting ready for a fly

Alex Peter and Greg

Relaxing after lunch

Alex Graham Lamberto Indy Keith

Con 3D

Alex multitasking

Rick relaxing

Michael Funcub. Spot the Christmas hat

Antoine Jet

Keith and Saj

Drew Sbach 342

Cameron Lancaster

Waiting in the queue

Walter Jet

*** 11 December, 2017 03:16 PM +1100 ***


Last updated 11 December, 2017

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