Christmas 2011 Social Events          

DAC Christmas Party 2011

Saturday 10th December

Poor flying conditions with average wind speeds around 20 km/h and gusting up to 45 km/h from the west, very turbulent conditions.  Thanks to the organisers and all volunteers as we still enjoyed the day socialising.

Either put your cursor in the picture, hold down the right mouse button and drag it around, or use the scroll bar at the bottom (the two yellow arrows) and the zoom (the green spot on the slider). 


(Click on photos for enlargement)

Group photo

Nik chef for the day.  Job well done.

Gusting winds

Alex Z chief photographer.

Anthony P - Funstar ...

... decorated for the occasion




Hanging around the pits

Alex Z caught in action

Michael B - Garfield hitching a ride

Grant C - Chipmunk 70e


Shane O - 109 (work in progress) ...

... and pilot Joshua checking it out








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