Christmas 2008 Social Events          

DAC Christmas Party 2008

Sunday 14th December

Poor flying conditions, but at least it was not raining like on Saturday 25mm.  The wind speeds where over 30 km/h and gusts over 50 km/h.  The flying condition better suited for flying kites.  Only the dedicated flyers took their models up for a bumpy ride.      Thanks to the organisers and all volunteers.  A great social event had by all.


(Click on photos for enlargement)

Nick D. chief cook.  Well done.

Kyle junior - Sky Hawk TW-742

Kyle L - Sky Hawk TW-742


David L's fleet

David L - SD Model Pitts-12

Saj R - Ultimate Bipe

Michael B - Hurricane550

Dmitry K - EasyStar with ailerons

Cliff M - Extra 260

Alex M - Komet 163C

Saj R - Komet 163C

Cliff M - scratch built UFO



Photos courtesy of Michael Best

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