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Located adjacent to the Yarra Bowmen Archery Club in Bulleen Park (map) our club offers you something different in recreational activity.  Aeromodelling, and particularly Radio Controlled Aeromodelling, is a fast growing sport covering a wide range of types of aircraft and flying (not to mention building if you are that way inclined).


At Doncaster Aeromodellers' we cater for the youngest Juniors, to the most experienced Seniors, and everyone in between.  Young flyers take to the skies, featured in the MAAA Magazine Wingspan February 2016 issue



[Image]The flight line at Bulleen -- always busy on a fine flying day.  From wind up, to electric, to internal combustion (fuel burning) propulsion, you will see everything from trainers, to scale and aerobatic aircraft, doing all the things full size planes do.  You will also find a combination of dedicated craftsmen to those who just like flying Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) models that just need the engine and radio gear to be fitted and checked -- and then off to the field.


We do most of our flying on weekends, and Saturday afternoons we focus on training.  Flying can be affected by the weather, but in reasonably calm and fine conditions there could be up to 25 - 30 aircraft in the pits at any given time.



Drop in. We're sure you will be impressed!!


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